Adorable Dog Hops Around Like A Kangaroo


This adorable wallaby wannabe refuses to let his lobster claws bring him down under as he found two feet are better than four!

Tigger- named after his likeness to the Pooh character’s posture, was born with deformed paws but not prepared to give in to the pain- he ingeniously came up with his own way to stand.

The now two-year-old life loving Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix was advertised on Craigslist after his owner could no longer look after him and Oregon, USA based dog charity came to his rescue.

Tigger’s foster owner, Eve Good said: “Like his namesake, Tigger is bouncy and fun. When he’s not playing with other dogs, he loves to play tug, eat dog treats and to joyously roll around and burrow into blankets.

“He loves a good belly rub, especially if it includes a scratch behind his ears. And he loves to show you just how much he loves you by leaping into your lap and licking every inch of your face!

“Tigger’s a delightfully outgoing and mostly normal dog but he has to work so much harder than most dogs to accomplish all the things he loves to do.”

Tigger was born with a congenital deformity that caused his front legs to be severely deformed and as a puppy, both his front legs grew in a non-synchronous manner.
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