Base Jumper Breaks Record For Most Jumps In 24 Hours


A BASE jumper swooped down a canyon an incredible 61 times in 24 hours to land the world record for the most jumps in a day.

Danny Weiland, from Denver, Colorado, climbed higher than Mount Everest to break the record, as after each jump he had to scale a 486ft canyon wall to return to the jumping bridge.

In total, he climbed 29,646ft to repeatedly leap back down to the Snake River. All the while he was cheered on by fellow BASE jumpers.

Scott Rodgers, a 29-year-old extreme sports photographer, photographed Danny’s superman effort in Twin Falls, Idaho.

He said: “The Snake River is a really beautiful setting and we’re lucky to be able to jump off the bridge.

“Twin Falls, Idaho is one of the few legal jumping sites in the US and brings hundreds of jumpers a month to learn or to practice their skills.

“For the record dozens of people helped out, packing parachutes, feeding Danny and pacing his climbs, coordinating the exit point at the middle of the bridge, and providing general moral support because it was an absolutely draining accomplishment both physically and mentally.”
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