Brave Volcano Explorers Dare To Camp Above Lava Lake


From the red hot lava to ginormous craters these extraordinary photos by a Lancashire man, look as though they belong on Mars.

Christopher Horsley, 24, from Ormskirk, Lancs, captured his camping trip to Marum, an active lava lake of Ambrym, Vanuatu with expedition founder, Geoff Mackley.

Christopher said: “As climbers/filmmakers specialising in accessing Volcanoes, the purpose of the mission was to acquire access to the crater floor spending a night inside and to capture images using drone photography for documenting purposes.

“As the expedition guide it was my job to lead the climb and to maintain the safety of fellow climbers Nik Halik and Kevin Keator.

“As a secondary role I was also photographer and drone pilot.

“To set up camp in such an extreme location completely blows the mind, being surrounded by 450 metre rock faces on all sides really makes you feel helpless, also the 70m wide roaring lava lakes helps with that too.”
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