Breakdancing at 9 Months Pregnant


This mum-to-be hasn’t let being pregnant stop her from putting on her dancing shoes – as she pops and locks at 39 WEEKS PREGNANT.

Just one week away from her due date Lidor David, 33, from Ra’anana, Israel, dances in perfect harmony with husband of five years, Shaked, 27, as they await the arrival of their first child together.

Proving she is a real “Baby Momma”, Lidor dropped, dabbed and twerked on Sunday October 13, at Studio Loud, which she and Shaked founded in 2013.

After the mum-to-be and her bulging baby bump make the dancefloor their own, they conclude the groove on the fitting lyric ‘pregnant but still doing moves like Beyonc√©’.

Lidor revealed she dances to stay healthy during pregnancy for the benefit of her baby.
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