Daredevil’s Jump Off Cliff Over Shipwreck On Beach


This incredible footage of daredevils leaping from a cliff towards clear blue sea will take your breath away.

High above a stunning beach with white sands and crystal-clear waters in Zakynthos, Greece, photographer Brian Mosbaugh prepared to take the nail-biting leap.

The beautiful Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach, sees hundreds of fearless adrenaline junkies tackle its infamous BASE jump.

Brian, 31, from Texas, said: “The act of human flight is mind-blowing on its own, however flying above Shipwreck Beach was certainly in my top five favourite exits experienced as a BASE jumper.

“I’m more accustomed to flying above big mountain terrain or desert canyons, so having the exciting visual of free falling into a Mediterranean paradise of white sand beaches and turquoise transparent waters was a real treat.”
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