This hilarious footage shows the pained look a Christmas-loving pooch has been pulling daily throughout December – when he finds out he only gets one advent treat.

German Shephard Rottweiler cross Seppi adores ripping open a door on his doggy advent calendar each morning and is always bursting with excitement for his surprise festive snack.

But afterwards, the devastated pooch’s daily routine sees him whine pitifully and flash heart-meltingly sad eyes at owner Eloise Lawrence, 22, in a bid to get her to open another door.

Sales advisor Eloise, from Braintree, Essex, has stayed strong so far but said the cheeky 12-year-old pooch’s rigmarole has occurred every day of December to date.

Eloise, who currently lives at home with her parents, said: “When Seppi realises that he is only going to get one treat that day he makes a really funny whining noise.”
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