Whizzing skateboards in the air and gliding down the ramps, making fast moves and cheering up opponents, these young children skateboarding ‘barefoot’ is a sight filled with awe.

But this scene is not from an urban skate park.

These children are from a dusty, tiny hamlet in Janwar in Bundelkhand, a parched region of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, who have taken up skateboards to break stereotypes and challenge archaic social barriers.

The village is not only bereft of basic amenities but the prevalent caste and class divide and palpable gender stereotypes have marred any development in the village.

While the upper caste and lower caste do not stand each other and children are not encouraged to eat or play together, the different religions further divide them.

But for last 18 months since the 4,843 square feet skate park was built by German community activist, Ulrike Reinhard, the environment in the village is slowly changing.
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