Incredible Hangover Bar In Amsterdam


The world’s first hangover bar has opened – and you’ll be breathalysed to check you HAVE been drinking.

The Hangover Bar, in Amsterdam, is only open on weekends and has everything your hangover needs, from a bed to your favourite TV series on repeat.

The innovative bar doesn’t serve alcohol, but ‘hangover inspectors’ breathalyse you on the way in to check you still have alcohol in your system.

The bar has been converted into a ‘green oasis’ with each bed boasting its own television – and there’s even an oxygen bar to boost your recovery.

Joep Verbunt, one of the brains behind the bar, said: “Most people share the opinion that the day after a night out is somewhat less successful.

“To overcome a hangover there are a few things you need: a good mattress, good food, fun and lots of vitamins.
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