Violent thunderstorms have battered the east coast of Australia today (MON) sparking more than 5,000 stunning lightning strikes over the iconic Sydney skyline.

Soaring recent temperatures of up to 35C in New South Wales and Queensland broke with massive storms hitting the eastern coast and major cities like Brisbane and Sydney. More than 7,000 homes were left without power.

In the south planes were delayed at Sydney’s Kingswinford Airport as lightning was proving a danger to baggage handlers. Singer and husband of Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban had his private jet (pictured) delayed due to the closure and had to wait out the storm.

Elsewhere a man was struck by lightning on his yacht but was reportedly in a stable condition. In Queensland a teenager was struck by lightning over the weekend and the seriousness of his injuries is as yet unknown. At the peak of the weather over Saturday and Sunday 37,000 homes electricity customers were without power.

Brisbane resident James Smith, 27, caught the power of one of the lightning strikes on camera as a bolt obliterated a tree just yards from his home on Saturday.
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