Man Proposes To Girlfriend During Race


This is the heart-warming moment an American boyfriend proposes to his Canadian girlfriend mid race despite them not being able to live in the same country.

Romantic Grant Chrispin was running over the Sault Sainte Marie International Bridge between Sault Sainte Marie in Michigan, USA, and Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada with partner of three years Carmela Taranto.

Halfway through the Sault International Festival of Races on Saturday September 24, her cousin Tiana Taranto suggests it is a good time to stop, leaving Carmela, 24, to ask “why”?

Suddenly she notices Grant, 27, down on one knee with a ring box open and bursts into tears as she says “yes”.

Grant, from Dublin, Ohio, USA, said: “It was a perfect moment.

“Carmela’s reaction was as I expected, she is a crier.

“We had talked about getting married but I’m good at surprising her.”

Grant and Carmela have been dating since he was stationed as a US Coast Guard in the Michigan side of Sault Saint Marie in 2013.
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