Mum Wins Court Battle To Keep Pitbull


A mum-of-four who had half her face ripped off by a dog now battles the courts to save ‘dangerous’ PIT BULLS set to be put down – and brings them to live with her kids.

Roberta Jackson, 34, took on the authorities to adopt pit bulls Mimi, three, and two-year-old Tia after they were seized by police as dangerous dogs and effectively sentenced to death.

As a one-year-old the full-time mum, from Halifax, West Yorks, needed a five hour operation and was scarred for life when she was savaged by a Rottweiler belonging to a family friend.

But Roberta insists her pooches – who are two of only a handful of dogs in the UK to be exempted from the Dangerous Dogs Act in the eyes of the law – are the perfect family pets.

Roberta, who is mum to Dion-Lee, seven, five-year-old Tiana-Love, Katira-Italia, four, and two-year-old Giovanna-Mia, said: “I had to prove to the courts I was a capable owner and was willing to take the risk of bringing these supposedly dangerous dogs into my home to live with my children.

“Because I had four young kids, you could say that made it more of a danger.

“But any dog can be a danger – as a one-year-old a family dog who had been around kids his whole life savaged me for no reason and took half my face off when I wasn’t even near him.
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