Pet Rabbit Becomes Friends With Wild Giraffe


It’s hardly the classic outback scene that wildlife photographers expect to snap on safari – but this is the bizarre moment a giraffe appears to make friends with a domestic bunny rabbit.

South African photographer Ayesha Cantor, 49, was taking a game drive around Kragga Kamma Game Park, near her home, when she stopped to take some pictures of giraffes basking in the setting sun.

She noticed one giraffe seemed to be preoccupied by something on the ground – and was amazed when she realised it was a domestic rabbit.

Ayesha said: “My daughter and I were taking a late Sunday afternoon game drive around the park. The light was lovely so on coming across a group of giraffe I stopped to snap a few sunset giraffe pics.

“One giraffe kept bending down, we did not immediately realise why he was doing that. And then we saw the bunny.

“It really looked like a domestic rabbit, and there are a few houses which neighbour the park, so we assume that it was an escapee.

“It’s really remarkable that it had managed to survive.”
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