Real-Life Indiana Jane Surfs Forbidden Catacomb


These nail-biting images show an intrepid surfer in forbidden parts of the Catacombs of Paris.

Real-life Indiana Jane, Alison Teal, 30, from Hawaii, USA, took her bright pink board 150 metres underground to surf with over six million skeletons.

October 13th, Alison became the first person known to have completed the surfing quest in the world’s largest grave.

To reach the secret spot, the Hawaiian lass climbed down a drain and crawled through piles of human bones in the middle of the night.

Once Alison and her team of photographers reached the lowest level, she donned her bikini and went for a paddle.

Alison, who is also film-maker, said: “I grew up listening to my father telling me stories about the catacombs on Halloween.

“I’ve always wanted to be Indiana Jones and a surfer so I combined both dreams.”
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