Restaurant Deliver’s Food By Rollercoaster


This restaurant brings a whole new meaning to fast food as diners can watch their food arrive by ROLLERCOASTER!

Britain’s only rollercoaster restaurant sees dishes race along a rollercoaster track from the kitchen to diner’s tables.

Meals are placed at the top of the track from the kitchen and then hurtle through two gravity defying loop-the-loops and down an eight metre spiral before landing on one of the restaurant’s 13 tables.

The restaurant opened its doors earlier this year and is the first of its kind in the UK. Diners can enjoy anything from a rollercoaster burger to a chicken curry or a fillet steak.

To ensure each meal can negotiate the 400m steel track and arrive in an edible manner, every meal on the restaurant’s menu was put through its paces at the Resort’s extensive test centre.
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