Despite suffering with a severe stammer, this devoted army veteran dad ensures his daughter never goes to sleep without a bedtime story.

For many, reading a story to your child is a simple enough task, but Lance Lambert, an ex-soldier, 29, from Watauga, Texas, USA, admits that for him it proves to be an incredibly difficult one.

As six-year-old Avery listens on lovingly, Lance grafts his way through her favourite story Aladdin in a heart-warming display of devotion and perseverance over personal struggle.

When Lance’s stutter full takes hold, Avery adorably intervenes to help her frustrated father find the right words and leans over to kiss him on the head in an act of comfort.

Lance said: “She loves when I read to her and doesn’t care one bit that I stutter.

“It’s a very difficult and frustrating, but I’m her dad and this is what dads do.”
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