Standing On Edge Of Europe’s Most Powerful Waterfall


The heart-stopping moment a man held his nerve walking to the very edge of Europe’s most powerful waterfall will leave you speechless.

Travelling videographer and student, Denis Krasnov, 20, from Moscow, Russia, hitchhiked his way around Iceland to reach Dettifoss in Northeast Iceland

Denis, who studies at the Russian Presidential Academy of Public Administration, risked his life walking on slippery rocks to capture this incredible footage at Vatnajökull National Park.

Denis said: “When I stood on the edge, I felt passion for life, felt how small people are in the face of nature, every second seemed to last for an infinity!

“It was dangerous and unsafe to stand on the edge of the rock because it was so slippery there, exactly because of the cold weather and a lot of water.

The power of Dettifoss which is 100 metres wide and has a 45 metre drop, causes surrounding rocks to vibrate which visitors can feel by hand.
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