An adorable tot gets stopped for selfies and is accused of wearing a WIG.

Little Heather Serna, from Singapore, has so much hair her mum struggles to see over the bouffant when carrying her down the stairs.

Nina Serna, 33, says her toddler’s hair stood six inches high when she was just months old and it takes an HOUR to dry.

Bubbly Heather, aged 21 months, loves posing for photos but refuses to wear a headband to manage her mane.

The tot was born with a full head of hair but parents Nina and husband Henry, also 33, didn’t think Heather’s head of hair was anything special until passersby started stopping the couple.

Nina, a quantity surveyor, said: “Both Henry and I have really thick hair, but from the way her hair stands, we think she must have got it from Henry’s sister, Vona.
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