Toddler Smashes His Own Face Into Birthday Cake


This ecstatic birthday boy trying cake for the first time loves it so much he smashes his face into and fights off attempts to share.

Eager Wyatt Shoptaw was celebrating his first birthday on September 22 surrounded by family when they let him eat the sweet treat.

Though clearly excited to chow down, the toddler tentatively dips his nose into the bright blue icing before pulling away.

Having registered that first magical sugary taste, Wyatt proceeds to push his face fully into the cake before lifting the whole dish up to his mouth.

As icing and chunks fall on to his high chair, attempts to clear up are mistaken as food theft and Wyatt pushes the hands away.

Mum Elizabeth, from Oakland, Tennessee, USA, said: “It was Wyatt’s first experience with cake and needless to say he obviously loved it.
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