Woman Smiles Again After Face Was Paralysed


A stunning young woman whose face was left PARALYSED by Bell’s Palsy has taught herself to smile again.

Anna Robinson was terrified when she woke up one day in August to find she could no longer move her face.

The pretty 27-year-old thought she had suffered a stroke – but she had actually been struck down by Bell’s Palsy, which causes paralysis of facial muscles.

Anna, from Nottingham, was told by medics that she might not recover – and that one in 14 people never regain movement.

But Anna was determined to get back to her old self, and snapped a series of selfies as she taught herself to smile again.

She set herself a target of being able to smile by her Christmas party – and incredibly, Anna was back to her old smiley self again just two months after her diagnosis.

Anna, a clinical project manager, said: “One night I was driving home from work, and one eye felt a little dry and the other felt a bit droopy – I just thought maybe I was more tired than usual.
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