Woman Travels Doing Yoga Around The World


If this amazing video of yoga in the world’s most spectacular locations does not inspire you to become at one with nature- nothing will.

Acupuncturist, Yoga Instructor, and an Intuitive Healer, Amy Maloon, 31, from San Francisco, CA, started practicing yoga as a teenager in an attempt to become more flexible for dancing.

Amy filmed her yoga in 26 countries while working as an acupuncturist on a cruise ship and cannot wait to take her yoga retreats on a similar journey next year.

Amy said: “I started this journey through an exciting opportunity to practice my work as a newly licensed acupuncturist aboard a transcontinental cruise ship.

“Over seven months I visited 26 countries and the making of the video “Yoga Around The World” was inspired by my prior experiences teaching my outdoor, Dirt Path Yoga classes.

“I was hoping to expand my outdoor classes to eventually take place in epically beautiful locations which I could do through film.”
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