World’s Tallest Rope Swing From Stadium


Adrenaline junkies can now test their head for heights by leaping from the top of a football stadium on the world’s tallest swing.

Set at the highest point of the Moses Mabhida Stadium in South Africa, The Big Rush invites those brave enough to leap from the top and swing across the world famous pitch.

At 88 metres high, thrillseekers can quite literally swing from the rafters as they leap from the top of the stadium, home of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Named the tallest swing by The Guinness World Records, The Big Rush in Durban, South Africa, sees brave participants climb 352 steps to reach the stadium’s iconic arch of triumph.

Wearing a harness, attached to a giant bungee cord, daring participants then leap from the top, freefalling 60 metres before swinging across pitch at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour.

Colleen Kelly, 22, was daring enough to give it a go and said it was one of the most adrenaline thumping things she’d ever done.
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